6 Commercial Energy Storage Solutions in 2022

6 Commercial Energy Storage Solutions in 2022

Did you know that the U.S. solar industry increased by 43% from 2019 to 2020? In the next eight years, it is expected that solar usage will quadruple. 

Residential and commercial solar usage has made it even more vital to consider energy storage companies for your business. Storing solar energy can help you save money and let you gain access to solar power when it is cloudy, nighttime, or during power outages. 

Are you still interested? We have put together a complete guide on solar energy benefits and six ways the commercial energy storage industry is changing. Keep reading for more information! 

Types of Energy

When talking about powering your company, you have to consider what type of energy will sustain your business, cut down costs, and reduce your carbon footprint. There are four main types of energy, not including other forms that are rarely used regularly, such as wood. Some of the main ones you’ll find in everyday businesses are:

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Propane
  • Solar

Electricity remains one of the most widely used forms of energy, with over 40% of residential homes using it. Renewable energy accounted for 7% of residential areas but increased for residential and commercial use. 

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy and energy storage can benefit your business by offering a sustainable energy form to reduce your costs. Other benefits of transitioning to solar for commercial use are:

  • Investment returns
  • Low-maintenance
  • Reliable
  • Environmentally friendly

Switching to solar reduces carbon emissions, and it is much cheaper than you might expect. Compared to years prior, solar has come down in price, and there are more investment returns and incentives locally and nationally if you switch. The upfront costs also outweigh the need for maintenance. 

Once installed, you shouldn’t have to manage your solar panels, and you can monitor performance with new and improved AI technology.

Energy Storage Companies

Energy storage companies work directly with businesses by providing commercial energy storage. Recent trends have opened opportunities for installing solar and using batteries when it is dark outside or when the power goes out. Additionally, over 25 to 35 years, solar energy produces no emissions and can sustain businesses while steering you away from harmful fossil fuels. 

1. Rooftop Solar Panels

You have likely seen rooftop solar panels if you have driven through residential regions. This is the first line of energy storage but is mainly designed for day-to-day use. You can calculate energy storage from rooftop solar panels by multiplying your solar panel wattage by the average number of sunlight hours per day. 

The final calculation will give you the daily watts per hour. There are a few other factors that affect solar energy, such as:

  • Number of solar panels
  • Location 
  • Time of year

Make sure you install your solar panels in a sunny area. Also, remember that cloudy days will produce 10% to 25% of your average solar output. 

2. Carport Solar Panels

If you have a commercial or industrial facility with carports, you already have a prime location for energy solutions. Companies can install solar panels directly on carports.

As you generate enough energy for your company or business, you can sell your grid for community use and start making money. Additionally, solar panels can help reduce your demand charge since you’ll require less electricity. 

3. Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Ground-mounted solar panels are another option for clean energy storage. If you have undeveloped or vacant land, this option might work best. Ensure that you have plenty of space and it is free from shade. 

You can also use this space for solar energy storage batteries.

4. Solar Energy Storage Batteries

Arguably, one of the best commercial energy storage solutions is batteries. Battery energy storage companies can build units that house solar batteries at your commercial or industrial business. What are the benefits of using renewable energy battery storage companies?

  • Decrease demand charge
  • Federal and state incentives
  • Sell power
  • Emergencies

Leading energy storage companies can build resilient and durable storage units that let you access solar power when there are power outages. There are also federal incentives for installing solar panels, and some states offer additional financial reimbursements. 

5. Peak Shaving

Peak shaving is typically used with electricity usage and batteries. It includes charging batteries when electricity prices are lowest and discharging at the highest. However, the same concept can easily apply to energy storage companies such as 174 Power Global. 

First, charge any on-site batteries through your solar panels. Next, you can look at your energy management system and determine if it’s cheaper to pull energy from solar panels or batteries. This can save you money from drawing from the grid since you will have two options you can pick from. 

6. Thermal Storage

One of the main challenges with solar energy storage is how do you access it on cloudy days or at night? Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems use the concept of solar by reflecting sun rays onto a receiver which creates heat and leads to electricity.

The result is a combination of solar and thermal storage that can generate long-term use. Currently, three systems have started being implemented in industrial and commercial use. 

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