Crimped lugs or Solder, Which one do you prefer?

Crimped lugs or Solder, Which one do you prefer?

Some people may wonder, how did we cite a critical video to the website? Do you want to catch William Prowse's traffic? In fact, for our products, this is not a criticism, but more like an encouragement to us to produce and design products with more market competitiveness. Today I want to say that we have indeed done it.

We did use the welding method to connect the internal lines of the battery before, why do we use this connection method?

  • Insufficient research on the U.S. market and unclear industry standards for U.S. line connections
  • Although mechanical connection method does not seem to be so advanced, its protection is not lower than that of crimping.

Many people may worry that the high temperature of the battery will fuse the welding point, causing it to fall off and causing an electric shock hazard. In fact, our welding melting point is 200°C, which is much higher than the 75°C of the high temperature cut-off protection.

Why should we change it?

  • The previous connection method does look messy and not aesthetically pleasing
  • Cater to customer preferences and comply with industry standards
  • We accept all criticisms and actively innovate, only to produce better products
  • In addition to changing the line connection method, the protective cotton has also been upgraded

Solder12V 100AH Solder

Crimped Lugs12V 100AH Crimped Lugs

12V 100AH product advantages:

  • Low Temp Cutoff
  • Cost-effective
  • Grade A cells

Why do you say we are cost-effective?

  • The price is much lower than the products with low temperature protection function on the market
  • We provide a five-year warranty. If there is any problem with the product, we will solve it for you as soon as possible
  • In addition to this product, we have developed many other products with mature technology

Why are we posting this blog?

  • Thanks and apologies to William.
  • To support more people to question our products, we are willing to accept suggestions.
  • Hope everyone can support our products.

Prices are updated in real time

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