Vatrer invites you to be an affiliate

Vatrer invites you to be an affiliate

Why do you need to become a member?

In the context of economic globalization, our foreign trade is also developing rapidly, but the resulting energy waste is also increasing. There is only one earth. Let us start with small things, Beginning with using LiFePO4 Battery, protecting our homeland, Calling more people to go green with us!

How to be a Vatrer affiliate?

1. Register a Vatrer affiliate account
2. Set the way to get commissions and turn on reminders
3. View data such as commissions charged, sharing methods, Links, Sources, etc
4. User using guide

Become an affiliate

Vatrer is a young and fast-growing solar battery brand dedicated to providing high-quality products at an affordable price range while offering a 5-year warranty. Now, We are excited to announce we have launched a new affiliate program.

Affiliate Benefits

Becoming an affiliate of is easy and rewarding! Just provide a link from your site to and you'll earn commissions on sales you send us.

  • Commissions are only available for sharing VATRER "Products", not for "Accessories"
  • Get a $10 commission for each order completed, and the commission will be canceled if the customer is refunded
  • The commission will reach your PayPal within 30 days of placing the order
  • Get a commission by sharing the link, if you want to use coupons, please contact us.

Affiliate Program Details

Our affiliate program is hosted on the af.uppromote affiliate system. We have a dedicated affiliate management team to help you place links, banners, and tools on your websites, blogs, and newsletters. Also, as an affiliate of the program, you will have the convenience of easily accessing detailed traffic and earning reports, sales tracking information, and other helpful tools to manage and optimize your campaigns.

Available Tools

In addition, we offer you many promotional tools to help attract potential shoppers:

1. Text links

2. Coupons

Terms & Conditions

Either party has the right to terminate the agreement immediately without prior notice. If the Affiliate terminates the agreement, no further commissions from Vatrerpower will be paid for any past or future customer transactions.

If Vatrerpower chooses to terminate the agreement, any balance will be paid to the affiliate within 30 days of termination. Vatrerpower reserves the right to terminate any affiliate where we deem the Affiliate has abused their referrals.

Should you have any questions regarding your Affiliate payout, please contact

Should you have any questions regarding your Affiliate payout, please contact


Prices are updated in real time

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