What's the difference between 12V 400Ah and 460Ah?

What's the difference between 12V 400Ah and 460Ah?

Thank you for your inquiry. Our new Vatrer 12V 460Ah RV battery features higher capacity and longer lifespan compared to the old 12V 400Ah battery, achieved through the use of higher quality materials and more advanced manufacturing technology. As a result, the cost of the new battery has increased, which is one of the reasons for the price increase. We believe that the improved performance and lifespan of the new battery will provide you with a better user experience. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Regarding the differences between the two products, the 460Ah Lifepo4 battery uses 8Pcs battery cells, The capacity of each cell is 230ah, while the 12V 400Ah Lifepo4 battery only uses 8Pcs 203ah cells. All use four-series and two-parallel connections, Although we did not highlight this feature in our promotion. The 460Ah battery also features a thicker and more solid high-end matte metal casing, while the 400Ah battery uses a regular iron case. Due to the additional battery cells and thicker metal casing, the weight of the 460Ah RV battery is 47.5kg, while the Vatrer 12V 400Ah weighs 43kg.

In terms of energy, the 12V 460Ah RV battery has a capacity of up to 5888Wh, while the 12V 400Ah RV battery has 5120Wh, which increases the battery's usage time to a certain extent, allowing you to charge less frequently. Many customers have raised concerns about not knowing when the battery is turned on or off. In response, we have added a blue light design to the new product, which illuminates when the switch is turned on.

In addition, some customers were confused about the green button design on our old RV battery, which was originally intended for testing and after-sales service and did not consider customers' actual usage needs. Therefore, we have removed this design from the new product to make it easier for you to use.

We typically use UPS/FedEx logistics channels, but even with such professional logistics companies, there may be unexpected situations. Some customers have reported receiving products with misaligned battery cells. The 12V 460Ah RV battery greatly improves this issue with a more secure bracket and sponge protection.

The updates mentioned above were made in response to customer feedback and changes in market demand. We will fully consider your opinions to produce more professional and high-quality products.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to share your suggestions with us. Watrer Power welcome all feedback.

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Great information. Thanks

Great information. Thanks

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