Dear customer, the 100ah lifepo4 battery dimensions:12.95*6.77*8.42inch/329*172*214mm, weight:24.2lb/11kg.

48v max via 4 batteries in series. That is the max. You'd need 2 36v in series to get 72v.

Hi, A single battery all has this function ,BMS will balance the voltage.

Yes, All are crimped and low temp cutoff protection.

Yes, you can connect 6pcs in parallel and no more than 10pcs, or you can connect 3 x 200ah battery in parallel.

You mean the battery drops down to 13.6 when not on a charger ?Resting state 100% charged it will sit around 13.6 .Charge voltage is 14.2-14.6 .I hope this helps.

Charging limit voltage: 14.6V
Over voltage disconnect voltage: 15V
Over voltage reconnect voltage: 14.2V
Equalizer charging voltage: 14V
Float charging voltage:13.8V
Boost charging voltage : 13.8V
Boost reconnect charging voltage : 13.2V
Low voltage disconnect voltage: 10.8V
Low voltage reconnect voltage: 12.4V
Under voltage warning voltage: 11.6V
Under voltage warning reconnect voltage: 12V
Discharging limit voltage: 10.4V
Over discharge disconnect voltage: 10.4V
Over discharge reconnect voltage:11.6V

Hello,Thanks for your question, it is for safety cutoff for low temperatures.
Low temp cut off protection ( Charge )0℃ ± 4℃ (32°F ± 39.2°F).
Low temp cut off protection ( Discharge )-20℃ ± 4℃(-4°F ± 39.2°F ) see less.

Yes it comes with two 8x1.25x16MM hex bolts.

Hi, not yet.

Hi, thanks for your question. Yes, of course, our 100AH battery can handle 300amps for up to 5 seconds.100AH battery low temp cutoff can handle 300amps for up to 20 seconds.

The same : all have low temperature cut-off protection function.

The difference: 100ah weighs only 24.2LB. 100ah Plus weighs 33LB, and the actual current can reach 107ah.100ah consists of 4pcs cells connected in series,100ah plus has 12pcs cells inside, connected 4pcs in series and 3pcs in parallel.

40a or 50a or higher?Answer:Hi, we suggest you can use 40A, Maximum 100A.

Hello,Vatrer deep cycle battery has built-in 100A BMS to protect it from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuit with excellent self-discharge rate. With high temp cutting off prevents charging over 167 °F (75°C) and Low temp cutoff protection when charger and discharger.

You can use this charger to charge the battery, but we recommend choosing good quality charger. This can more extend battery life.

Yes, you can use 44.1V charge them.

Not sure all battery has the same warranty, the four I bought comes with a booklet stating 5 years.

If your solar panel supports lithium battery mode, then you can charge the battery.

yes it is a good battery ill recomend it.

The battery can be operated in temperature of -20° C to 60° C, anda temperature between 10°C to 35°C is ideal for long-term storage.
Store in a fireproof container and away from children.
For a longer-lasting product, it is best to store your battery at100% charge level and recharge every three months if not used for a long time.

Dear customer, the 200ah lifepo4 battery dimensions:20.55*9.44*8.58inch/522*240*218mm, weight:48.5lb/22kg.

Automotive A Grade LiFePO4 Cells, there are specific parameters in our manual.

We have launched 24V 100ah battery.

Do you use lead acid battery now? Different batteries can not be connected in series or in parallel, We recommend using lifepo4 battery instead.

All available are crimped version currently.

Hello,Thanks for your question.
Supporting up to 4 identical batteries in series,Supporting up to 4 identical batteries in parallel.
Supporting up to 4 series & 4 parallel.

Hi, the 100ah battery is weight 24.2lb / 22kg, demension:12.95x6.77x8.42inch / 329x172x241mm.

Will need to change the power converter to a LifePO4 regulated converter.

RTFM! the listing says: 12V 200AH Low Temp Cutoff Lithium Iron LiFePO4.

Possibly, however would void warranty, damage the case.

It will take about a month. They has been shipped to our warehouse in the US.

Yes, you can put three battery combinations in series to reach 36V.

Hello, you can replace it, but as for charger, we recommend replacement of LiFePO4 special charger. Output voltage DC14.2-14.6V.

The 200Ah plus battery is built in 200A BMS, the max continuous discharge is 200 amps and energy is 2560wh.

200ah battery is built in 100A BMS, the max continuous discharge is 100 amps and energy is 1280wh.

Hi,20.55x9.44x8.58inch/522x240x218mm, 48.5lbs/22KG.

Hello, 2pcs 200ah batteries built in 100A bms in series, the power will reach 2560w, you can use a 2400w inverter, but the inverter‘ s voltage needs 24V.

Yes, Supporting up to 4 identical batteries in parallel.

The difference: 100ah weighs only 24.2LB. 100ah Plus weighs 33LB, and the actual current can reach 107ah.

100ah consists of 4pcs cells connected in series,100ah plus has 12pcs cells inside, connected 4pcs in series and 3pcs in parallel.

You can choose according to your needs, plus battery capacity is larger, but the weight is also heavier.

No do not go over 100 amps and a review of this battery on you tube took this battery apart and found soldered connections .
He stated he would not even pull a 100 amps because you risk melting the solder on the connectors inside the battery cells pulling over 100 amps.
He stated he would not personally pull more then 50 amps based on how the battery was out together.
I do own this battery and have pulled 80 amps off it without issue but I’m careful after watching that video.

The 100ah lifepo4 battery is 12.95x6.77x8.42inch, 24.2lbs.

Hi, Thanks for your good question. Our 12V (12.8V) 100Ah battery is not a start-up battery for car, we don’t suggest you use it to start your car.

It is crimped, not solder.

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