Black Friday, 5% Discount for All Products

Black Friday, 5% Discount for All Products

To express our gratitude for your support of the Vatrer Power brand this year, we have decided to launch a promotion starting on 10th November 2023. This promotion offers a 5% discount on all products on VatrerPower website, which is the lowest throughout the year. It is a once-a-year opportunity that you don't want to miss. Code: BlackFriday

The products eligible for this promotion include all battery products, while accessories are not eligible for the discount. The discount cannot be stacked. If you choose the Bundle discount, you cannot use a coupon. Please confirm the most effective way to use the discount before placing your order. When purchasing multiple products, we recommend increasing the quantity of individual products rather than using the Bundle button to enable the use of coupons.

Vatrer Power Discount

There is no limit on the amount of discount. The more you buy, the more you save. All products are eligible for a 5% discount, not just one product per order.

The discount code is already in effect for Black Friday pre-sale.

Prices are updated in real time

Lithium Batteries Price List

Lithium Battery Model Price Discounted Buy link
12V 100Ah (Self-heating) $363.99 Sauver $96.00 Shop Now
12V 100Ah (Group 24) $313.99 Epuisé Shop Now
12V 200Ah (Self-heating) $594.99 Sauver $205.00 Shop Now
12V 300Ah (Self-heating) $726.99 Sauver $373.00 Shop Now
12V 460Ah $1,234.99 Sauver $265.00 Shop Now
36V 105Ah $1,504.99 Sauver $495.00 Shop Now
48V 105Ah $1,925.99 Sauver $674.00 Shop Now
51.2V 100Ah $1,126.99 Sauver $773.00 Shop Now

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