Will I need to purchase a DC-to-DC adaptor between the battery and the vehicle?

Will I need to purchase a DC-to-DC adaptor between the battery and the vehicle?

As the annual peak season for tourism approaches, some people choose to travel by RV, while others choose to tend to their gardens at home.


One of the most frequently asked questions recently is: "Will I need to purchase a DC-to-DC adaptor to install between my lithium battery and tow vehicle to prevent the lithium battery from back charging to my tow vehicle alternator?"

If you are also facing this problem of wanting to charge the battery in reverse but unsure if you need an adaptor, let me clarify that a converter is needed to charge our battery, and the voltage needs to be maintained between 14.2 and 14.6 volts 


Despite this, we still recommend three charging methods that we support for 12V batteries:

1) Use a lithium iron phosphate 4-string (14.6V) charger to charge the battery pack,

2) Use photovoltaic solar panels to charge the battery through MPPT,

3) Use the inverter to charge the battery pack (note: the inverter needs a built-in AC to DC charging function).


Certainly! Let me know which battery we use the most for the RV scenario. Currently, the most inquired-about battery is Vatrer 12V with options ranging from 100Ah to 300Ah.

In fact, we have a specially designed RV battery, Vatrer 12V 460Ah RV Battery, that performance is stronger than multiple 12V 100Ah, 200Ah, or 300Ah connected in parallel.

Let us know if you have other similar questions you want to know, we will give the most professional answer.

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