Golf Cart Battery Explanation of LED Status

Golf Cart Battery Explanation of LED Status

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Vatrer 36V/48V Golf Cart Battery Explanation of LED Status

LED Charger Status
LED Solid Green The charger is ready to charge, or charging is complete
LED Green Blinking The charger is charging
Red Light Blinking Quickly Input power failure
LED Red and Green Blinking Alternately The output is short-circuited or the positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed
Red Light Blinks 2 Times, Interval 1 Second, Blinks 2 Times Again Charger temperature overheating alarm
Red Light Blinks 3 Times, Interval 1 Second, Then Blinks 3 Times Output over current alarm
Red Light Blinks 4 times,Interval 1 second, then Blinks 4 Times Output over-voltage alarm


If there is a problem with the charger, the fan will stop rotating and the LED indicator will blink red light to give an error warning, Please disconnect the charger from the wall socket.

Warning and safety notes.

1. Never leave the charger unattended when it is connected to its power supply.

2. The allowable AC input voltage is 100-240V AC, Never connect it to any other voltage.

3. Never place the charger and batteries connected to it on any form of flammable surface, Never operate the charger in the vicinity of inflammable material or gas.

4. Ensure that there is an unrestricted airflow to and from the charger's cooling slots, Never place the charger on a carpet or similar surface.

5. Take great care to maintain correct battery polarity, and avoid shot-circuit.


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