What Battery Is Best For My RV

What Battery Is Best For My RV?

In this article, we will explore the different types of batteries available, the importance of battery capacity, and recommended battery brands for your RV.


Choosing the right battery for your RV is crucial for ensuring reliable power supply during your travels. Factors such as battery type, capacity, physical size, and usage requirements all need to be considered. In this article, we will explore the different types of batteries available, the importance of battery capacity.

Types of Batteries

Flooded Batteries: These budget-oriented batteries require regular maintenance and venting to release gases produced during charging.

AGM Batteries: AGM batteries are sealed and maintenance-free. They offer more flexibility for mounting and do not need to be vented.

Lithium Batteries: Lithium batteries have longer life cycles, more usable capacity, and are much lighter. However, they may not perform well in freezing temperatures.

Capacity of the Battery

Battery capacity is measured in Amp Hours (AH) and determines how much power the battery can deliver over a specific period. To determine the capacity you need, consider the power requirements of your RV's devices. It is recommended to have at least 100AH of usable battery capacity to meet your power needs.

Venting Capacity AH Useable AH Weight
Deep Cycle Yes 100 50 60#
Deep Cycle GC Yes 100 80 70#
AGM No 100 50 – 80 70#
Lithium No 100 100 30#

Physical Size

Consider the size of your RV's battery compartment or box, as well as the venting system. Ensure that the new batteries fit in the same boxes and leave enough height for connecting the battery terminals. AGM and lithium batteries have the advantage of not requiring a venting system, allowing for more flexible mounting options.

Vatrer RV Battery Size Chart

Battery Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
12V 100Ah 11 329x172x214
12V 100Ah Self-Heating 11 329x172x214
12V 100Ah Trolling Motors 10.3 329x172x214
12V 200Ah Self-Heating 22 522x240x218
12V 230Ah 27.1 423x233x247
12V 300Ah 26.5 520x269x220

Number of Batteries

The number of batteries you need depends on your specific usage requirements. Conservative recommendations suggest having 300-600AH of battery capacity, while more liberal minds believe 100-200AH is sufficient. Consider factors such as weight, size, and price when determining the number of batteries needed for your RV.

This is typical useage in ATC Toyhauler RV.

ATC 28′ FB 2018      
  12v Amps Hours run AH
Trace Current 0.2 24 4.8
Garage Lights – 6 2 3 6
Kitchen Lights – 4 1.3 5 6.5
Entry Light – 1 0.3 1 0.3
Bedroom Light – 2 0.6 1.5 0.9
MaxxAir fan Level 1 0.1 4 0.4
MaxxAir fan Level 5 0.7 8 5.6
MaxxAir fan Level 10 3.2 2 6.4
Water Pump 6 0.75 4.5
Furnace Blower 7 2 14
Awning Led Light 1.1 5 5.5
12 volt Fridge * 3.3 10 53
Water Line Heater ~3    
Fresh Tank Heater ~10    
Gray or Black Heater ~5 each    
Total AH per day     107.9


Selecting the best battery for your RV involves considering factors such as battery type, capacity, physical size, and usage requirements. Flooded, AGM, and lithium batteries each have their advantages and limitations. It is important to choose a battery with sufficient capacity to meet your power needs. Consider the physical size of the battery and whether a venting system is required. By carefully considering these factors, you can find the ideal battery to power your RV and enhance your overall travel experience.

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