How to use the golf cart battery correctly in low Temp?

How to use the golf cart battery correctly in low Temp?

Ammar asked us one question:" I live in North America and we have a very cold winter, what preparations do I need to make before storing the 48v golf battery during the winter months?"

We took this issue into consideration when designing the product, so the 48V/36V 105AH Golf Cart Battery has a low-temperature protection function. Under the rated temperature, the battery will be protected whether it is charging or discharging.

Do you also have the same problem?

In response to this problem, we will give you some suggestions on usage and storage to make your battery more durable.

  • The battery needs to be recharged within 12 hours after fully dis-charging.
  • Do not expose cable outside.
  • All battery terminals must be disconnected before maintenance.Do not use cleaning solvents to clean the battery.
  • Do not expose the battery to flammable or harsh chemicals or vapors.
  • Do not paint any part of the battery, include any internal or external components.
  • Any foreign object is prohibited to be inserted into any part of the battery.
  • Any warranty claims are excluded for direct or indirect damage due to items above.
  • lf the battery is stored for a prolonged time, it is requirement that they are charged every three months, and the SOC should be no less than 30%.

During Operation

  1. lf the battery system needs to be moved or repaired, the power must be cut off first and the battery is completely shut down. lt is prohibited to connect the battery with different type of battery.

  2. lt is prohibited to put the batteries working with faulty or incompatible controller and motor.

  3. ln case of fire, only dry powder fire extinguisher can be used,liquid fire extinguishers are prohibited.

  4. Please do not open, repair or disassemble the battery. 

Operating Temperature Range

Charge 0℃~50℃(32°F~122°F)
Discharge -20℃~60℃(4°F~140°F)
Storage Temperature range


Low Temp Cut Off Protection(Discharge) -20℃±4°℃(-4°F±39.2°F)


We also have some questions want to discuss with you.

Have you ever expected that the battery of the golf cart has a self-heating function? Are golf carts frequently used in winter?

What do you think our golf cart battery needs to improve?

Invite you to participate in our design.

In short, just use the battery according to the precautions in the manual. If you have any product quality problems during use according to the manual, you can contact us to solve the problem. We provide a five-year warranty.

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